About Me

There will be more to come here so bear with me!

As a brief introduction my name is Matt Parkinson and for as long as I’ve known I’ve had a passion for business and making money! Starting from around 10 years old and the only time I was ever grounded resulting in me salvaging newspapers and posters from peoples recycling to resell at the end of our driveway to now running a multi-national million pound company and a number of other start-ups currently under my belt.

My road to where I am today has had a lot of ups and downs to the point I once nearly packed it all in and all I can say today is that I’m glad I had the family and friends support that kept me going! I’ll be talking a lot on this blog about how my main company VooServers started, the progress it has made to where it is today plus the personal commitments, benefits and sacrifices in a bear all blog in an attempt to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and change the attitudes towards a one fits all education and career path. I found the one fits all education certainly wasn’t the best path for me and if anything I think the education system hampered my early days as a business person. It’s been the same system for the most part for over 100 years and it needs to change.

With the technology we have today there is no reason to have a 9-3 education with every student taking the same classes. Likewise there is no reason to put so much importance on passing GCSE’s and A Level’s at 16/18. There is some importance to the grades however as someone who has interviewed a lot of people and hired and fired numerous staff over the years I can’t say that GCSE’s or A Level’s ever played into any of those decisions nor do I think they aided me in my own career. That’s not to say that they don’t have their purpose in some career paths but even so there is no reason that you must pass them at 16-18 and you can take or re-take them at any point in your life that you feel best suits you! This is my whole point really! An education that suits each individual and really gives them the best life possible.