It’s been a while…

As the title says it’s been a while since I last posted and I don’t know where the first quarter of the year went but so much has been happening that writing up my experiences has taken a bit of a back seat. With a bit of a quieter afternoon available I’ve been able to sit down and reflect on what’s been a very busy few months in both my work and personal life. I find it’s important to take a step back from time to time like this and take a look at what’s coming up and where things are going to ensure everything is moving in the right direction.

The New York Stock Exchange on my evening stroll.

Firstly, going back to December when my last post was made I was in the middle of a big project in New York expanding my company’s data centre footprint and connectivity options in the US. This included completely re-configuring the existing network and moving around 100 servers which was a project that took the best part of 10 days. It was one of the most challenging and exhausting projects in recent years and my body didn’t know what time zone I was on, being 5 hours behind the UK as it was but then working all through the night on migrations on a number of days. Although it was a lot of long nights having a project manager who designed the migration plan and compiled a lot of the details made my life much easier with most things going off without a hitch which just goes to show that preparation is everything. Come the end of the trip however I was well and truly ready to get home and I’ve never had such a good night’s sleep on a plane!

Landing back home on the 21st of December I’d like to be able to say that things were getting quieter for the Christmas break but landing into Heathrow at 7AM I went straight from the airport to the local hospital for my wife’s 20-week pregnancy scan at 9:30 where we discovered we were going to be having a baby boy. After the appointment I managed to get a few hours rest before I went to Bluewater to finish off my Christmas shopping and then finally managed to get a good night’s sleep back in my own bed! The remaining days before Christmas primarily saw me catching up on other work commitments whilst I had been away so until the Christmas break it didn’t really quieten down.

Coming into the new year and things got off to a quick start with a number of new projects being quoted and deployed before heading back to the US at the beginning of February to tidy up things left over from the migration and install a few pieces of extra equipment for upcoming projects. This trip was a bit different to usual as my dad was able to travel with me which has become an annual trip over recent years. It’s great to have some company, and some cheap labour J, mixing work in with a few games of ice hockey and some great food and drinks around New York which makes it one of the more enjoyable trips than some of the others.

Combined with the usual day to day work I’ve then been working towards one of our biggest launches in recent years for our new brand Vinters ( which is aimed at splitting the managed services side of the company into a separate brand and keeping the VooServers brand more as the infrastructure company. We’ve been offering managed services for some time and it’s grown to be one of our highest revenue generating services but never really advertised well under the VooServers brand. I wanted to recognise the different areas of the business but also bring a more prestige look and feel to the managed services side of things as it’s often a different market to the one that VooServers has traditionally been invested in. So far the launch is in its early days but we’re working hard to make it a success and expand the overall group of companies and brands

Jut a little bit of water damage..

In addition to the new brand launch which has taken up a lot of time work wise my remaining personal time has primarily been consumed completing projects around the house before the baby is due including getting new windows, finishing the patio and gutting and re-decorating one of the bedrooms for the baby. I like to make a proper task of things so this saw all of the woodwork stripped, walls plastered, floor raised, new radiators and pipework before piecing things back together and painting. The job also didn’t come without its problems with a couple of pipes hit during the process, a lot of water and emergency repairs needing which saw me sitting with my thumb on the pipe for around 20 minutes whilst I waited for some help to turn the water off!

And that’s about it for now but I’ve got some exciting news coming soon!

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