Technical Fixes
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  • Lync 2010 – Active Directory Operation Failed – Insufficient Access Rights To Perform This Operation

    Posted on August 26th, 2011 Matt Parkinson No comments

    So after a long break in posting due to busy work commitments I am finally back to write some more articles which I have saved up. This one goes back a while to when Microsoft Lync 2010 first came out however it is something that I have come across in a few environments when installing Lync especially in environments where I.T. staff are domain administrators to be able to support their users on a day to day basis.

    When editing a domain administrator in the Lync control panel you may be faced with the error below once you press the commit button to save your changes.

    Lync - Active Directory Operation Failed - Insufficient Access Rights

    To fix this you need to make the following changes in active directory which can be a bit of a pain if you are making regular changes to any domain administrators as the permissions you are about to change will reset themselves after about 5 minutes.

    1. Go to Start>Administrative Tools>Active Directory Users and Computers.
    2. Browse to the organizational unit that holds the user account you are attempting to modify in Lync.
    3. Right click the user and go to properties which will present the following dialog.
    4. Press the advanced button where you will then be presented with another dialog box.
    5. Tick the box marked “Include Inheritable Permissions” as shown below

      Active Directory Advance Security Dialog

    6. Press ok to close all of the dialogs and try saving your changes again.

    Please remember as I mentioned earlier this fix will only last for around 5 minutes as Active Directory will automatically re-apply the old permissions so if you need to make a number of changes you may want to keep the advanced security dialog open so you can easily re-apply the settings.

  • NAV 2009 / CRM 2011 Integration – Requested value ‘Customer_No’ was not found

    Posted on March 9th, 2011 Matt Parkinson 3 comments

    While working on a recent integration between NAV 2009 and CRM 2011 for a client I came across the following error when trying to run the default “NAV Customer Card to Account” mapping.

    Inner Exception: Requested value ‘Customer_No’ was not found.

    This took me a long time to work out so I have documented the fix below however please make sure that you read the rest of this article to determine if your situation is exactly the same. The client’s NAV database I was trying to integrate was from NAV 2009 SP1 however support for the connector was not added until NAV 2009 R2 so the database was missing a few required tables. I had imported these which were tables 5151 & 5150, Codeunit 5151 & 5150 and XMLport 5151 & 5150 and I had enabled the connector from the marketing setup table. This populated everything correctly and enabled the web services which allowed me to start the integration and get to the point where this failure was occurring. After a little research I found that you could browse to the web service URL and view the pages that were being shared on the web service. I did this for an integration that worked using the test database in the same environment and also for my integration which was failing and I found the results shown in screenshots below.

    Web Service from NAV Server that wasn't working

    Web Service from working NAV server

    You will see in the 2nd screenshot from the working NAV Server that there is the field “Customer_No” at the bottom. In the NAV server that wasn’t working and reporting the error that field isn’t present and that’s whats causing the problem. If you want to check this on your own server you can bring up a list of the web services by going to http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/Services on your NAV server. You should then see a list of the available web services and you want to look for the one ending “Page/Integration_Ship_to_Address”. If you copy the full url which should be something like “http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/Page/Integration_Ship_to_Address” and browse to it you will then see something similar to the screenshots above and you can check for the existence of “Customer_No” in the web service.

    Now the explanation on how to check this and verify you have the same problem has been done let’s get on to actually fixing it:

    1. Open Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic with Microsoft SQL Server
    2. Locate and open the demo database that is shipped with NAV 2009 R2. This should be in your installation media.
    3. Once open go to Tools>Object Designer
    4. Find page 300 “Ship-to Address” and go to File>Export. Save the file to your computer.
    5. Close the demo database and open your own NAV database.
    6. Go to Tools>Object Designer
    7. Go to File>Import and find the file you saved when you exported the table.
    8. Press ok to the dialogs and the table should now be imported/merged with your existing table.
    9. Refresh the web service URL posted earlier and you should now also see “Customer_No” on the installation that was not previously working.
    10. Re-run the integration map and it should no longer complain of the error.